Friday, March 22, 2013

Called To Serve.

About 2 weeks ago, I was called to serve in the....

England London South Mission! 

My mission includes almost the entire southern coast of England, such as Brighton, Bath, Oxford, Cornwall, Winchester and several other beautiful places. It even covers Jane Austen's birthplace and Stonehenge. As far as my area covered in London, it includes the southern half of the city that is split by the River Thames. It's supposed to be about an average of 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) so I'm ready to endure some pretty cold, rainy, humid and sunless days! My mission is supposedly the warmest in the British Isles, which is a tad bit disheartening seeing as 50 degrees and 85% humidity is considered warm, but I'm actually oddly excited to see a lot of rain. 

I leave for the England MTC on August 7th, 2013 and will travel to Chicago then directly to the Manchester airport to report to the England MTC on the morning of August 8th, 2013. 

(Click on for a closer view)
I can't wait to serve the people of England. This will be an incredible opportunity for me to bless the lives of others through service, which will in turn bless my life immensely. I cannot wait to share Christ's wonderful message with these people. I couldn't ask for a more perfect place to go!

With Grandma and Grandpa Campbell after I opened my call.

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